Furniture, Appliances and Homeware

Resco enables local authorities, housing associations and charities to provide emergency assistance to residents in crisis: ensuring quality products; affordable prices and high positive social and environmental impact. Central Government funding for Local Welfare Assistance Schemes is being reduced in April 2015. As the budget for emergency provision is in jeopardy, residents are at risk of losing much needed support. With these constraints local authorities, housing associations and charities are looking for the most cost-effective way to provide quality items for people in crisis.

Providing a full range of quality furniture, appliances and homeware, Resco can deliver a one-stop solution whilst creating positive social impact.

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The Furniture Re-use Process

Donated furniture is collected from residents who no longer need the items. The items are checked against a rigorous set of standards set nationally by the Furniture Re-use Network and then made available for those who need it most. Following an assessment by the Local Authority's social welfare team, recipients are free to visit our showrooms and pick out essential items that they have been allocated or simply select them from a catalogue. Resco then delivers and installs these items to the residents' home in under 5 working days.

Case Study: London Borough of Hounslow

Resco has run a pilot scheme with the London Borough of Hounslow (LBH) in 2013/2014 that has proven highly successful:

i. In 2012/2013, under the centrally administered Social Fund, £463,900 was spent on 580 Community Care Grants for the provision of essential furniture, home ware and appliances for LBH residents (DWP, 2014)

ii. When the funding was decentralised the following year, LBH setup a Discretionary Social Welfare Fund to resource the need. Utilising the re-use sector by partnering with Resco, they were able to generate considerable savings.

iii. In 2013/2014 LBH issued 520 furniture and appliance grants with a cost to the borough of just £95,325 and approximately £23,000 worth of homeware and other goods; a total of £118,325. Switching from new items to re-use items reduced the average cost per grant by 71% from £800 to £228.