At Resco, nothing gets us more excited than seeing businesses create positive change in their communities.  We have a firm belief that every business has the opportunity to be a force for good and can generate social impact.  We support enterprises by running the Resco Programme, operating a number of businesses and by working alongside others that want to place social impact at the centre of what they do.


Breaking the cycle of long-term unemployment can seem like an impossible task. Our 16-week employability programme gives you the tools and confidence you need to draw a line under the past and to set your sights on the future. On the programme you will gain work experience in a thriving business, relevant accredited training and tailored one to one support. Find out more here.



Resco Living works with local councils, housing associations and charities to provision their vulnerable residents with essential household items. As well as benefiting the local community and the environment, the business runs the Resco Programme.

Participants on the programme benefit from work experience in roles such as: warehousing, retail, deliveries/removals, driving, customer service and handy-man roles. As well as this, participants undergo training, and receieve weekly one-to-one support from a mentor.


“I had been out of work for 24 years and had no interest in going back.  I started the Resco Programme very reluctantly and had no interest in being there, I didn’t want to work or interact with anyone.  After a couple of weeks I realised that this was a good place, the people had good intentions and wanted to help me.  I felt no condemnation and so flung myself into the work.  The team treated me with respect and I soon started to love it.  I was quite down about my CV but now I’m so proud of it, I want to show it to everyone, and I now feel so positive applying for jobs.  I applied for a role at a refuse collection and was offered the job, my dream job! I couldn't believe it!"